Straw bale buildings

Sherborne Arts CabinWe are passionate about building with straw bales. If you dream of a sustainably built, natural, healthy, breathable building – whether it’s a home, a garden room, an extension, a community centre, a warehouse, whatever you desire – straw bales offer you an ideal solution in the UK.

Straw bale buildings are highly insulating and that means they are warm in winter and cool in summer – perfect for our climate. Straw bale building is ideal if you would like to get involved in the building process. We can build and manage your whole project, but we are delighted if you’d like to be a hands-on part of it.

Never built anything before? You can do it with our help! We specialise in helping people and groups build their own straw bale buildings, to their own specification – and offer you exactly the level of help you need for your project.