Apple Tree Nook

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We have decided to call our first straw bale build ‘Apple Tree Nook’, or ‘the nook’ for short.  This is chiefly on account of its position next to an established apple tree.  Have you ever noticed that housing developers tend to give properties and estates names related to all the stuff they ripped out in […]

Dig, dig, dig, dig, digging…

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…Dig a little hole for me. I think this is the song the chickens have been singing as they’ve been watching the groundworks coming along for the straw bale build. They love a bit of freshly dug earth, and have been spying it enviously. Wow, this month seems to have flashed by, we’ve been very […]

Fencing project

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A short time ago we undertook a job in Yeovil to replace a property’s fencing and to renovate an old car port.  It was estimated the fencing was several decades old so it had held up very well, all things considered.  The oak (I think) posts were amazingly well preserved below ground level as you […]

The straw bale tale begins…

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I’m delighted to say we are creating our first straw bale building here at Huff and Puff HQ! We are currently clearing the ground and putting in underground utilities while the final building design is being completed. Suffice to say it will be a multi-purpose garden building in which we hope we can showcase our […]

Log stores

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Sorry for the delay with the next post, best laid plans and all that, I’m trying to get used to updating the website alongside doing projects and it’s taking some doing, but we’ll get there! Here are some pictures of a log store we’ve built here at Huff and Puff HQ. I started with geo-textile […]

Raised beds

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Raised beds using sleepers are a really straightforward thing to build. The most complicated thing is lugging big lumps of wood about! Here is a raised bed job we’ve done using new oak sleepers. Oak is, of course, an incredibly hard-wearing wood. There are different types of oak and it comes from different places so, […]