Dorset County No Show

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We had hoped to bag a last minute space to exhibit at the Dorset County Show on the weekend 6th/7th September, however the cost is quite simply ludicrous, in my opinion, for a small business.  I won’t embarrass them by saying how much, and it makes you wonder who they want there really, but I digress.  Instead, Michelle and I will be there on one of the two days as visitors, wearing our new, organic cotton Huff and Puff T-shirts, attempting to identify and engage in conversation any people who look like they might be interested in straw bale building.  If I’m feeling super-audacious nearer the time I might even make some sandwich boards, if I can work out how to smuggle them in…

2 thoughts on “Dorset County No Show

  1. Tee hee hee, I will happily attend the event attired in a ‘Huff and Puff’ three little pig,T-shirt. However my dear Husband, I will require a significant salary increase/shoe shopping fund in order to be entinced into wearing a sandwich board!

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